Introduction & Getting Started


Begin a New Life is a deeply effective program of life change and spiritual transformation. It's based on biblical principles that bridge across all faiths and cultures.

Four steps

There are four basic steps in this program:
  1. Take an honest look at yourself.
  2. Recognize and acknowledge a harmful habit, trait, or pattern in your life.
  3. Pray to God.
  4. Begin a new life.

It’s just that simple! But there’s more...

Two tools

There are two tools that are used in this program. One is for processing personal, life-related issues, commonly known as "the worksheets." The worksheets allow you to go through the BNL process in writing or on a computer or other electronic device. They also help you experience the process fully, deeply, and powerfully between you and a higher power, you and the Divine, you and God, you and the Lord.

The other tool is a sourcebook of reference material to assist you in the program. It's accessible on this website. You'll be directed to different parts of the sourcebook as you go through the worksheets.

And finally...

Four steps unpacked

Two of the universal steps—Step 2 and Step 4—unpack themselves to include sub-steps. These sub-steps break their parent steps into bite-size pieces. In addition, each sub-step can serve as its own step in the process. For these reasons, the worksheets reflect the fully unpacked version of the four steps. There's a single worksheet for each step or sub-step. You'll discover this as you go through the worksheets.

Getting started

There are two ways to get started. We call them, Fully Informed and Quick Start:

Fully Informed. By this method you understand the program materials before diving into them. Go to the page titled, Program Materials – Introduction and read the brief information that is there. Then follow the prompt at the bottom of the page. You'll be directed from there.

Quick Start. By this method you dive into the BNL process right away without further information. Go to the Worksheets page. You'll be directed from there.

Good wishes in this spiritual practice.


Extra: Who does this program help?

The Begin a New Life program helps anyone face personal issues, overcome relationship challenges, or conquer addiction. It helps you with any of the following (in alphabetical order) and more. (Click on any link for a brief description of how the program helps that particular issue.)