Program Materials – Introduction

This section of the website includes this Introductory page, a Worksheets page, and a Sourcebook page. These pages provide all the materials you’ll need for the Begin a New Life program. The following information explains the materials to you.


As mentioned earlier, the steps of the BNL program are formatted into a set of worksheets. Instructions for how to use the worksheets are available when you get to the Worksheets page.

Three versions of the worksheets

There are three versions of the BNL worksheets—a Full version, a Condensed version, and a One-Page version. The one you use will depend on your level of experience with the BNL process and/or personal preference.

Full version of the worksheets—heart of the program

The Full version of the worksheets is the heart of the BNL program. It has footnotes and paragraphs of information that describe the BNL process to you and guide you through it. It also has leading questions that invite you to do spiritual work along the way. The Full version allows you fully to understanding and practice the process, regardless of your level of prior knowledge or experience.

Condensed version

The Condensed version of the worksheets is for when you no longer need information or guidance in the BNL process. It includes only the steps of the process, the leading questions, and spaces for writing (or typing).

One-page version

The One-Page version is for when you no longer need information, guidance, or leading questions. It includes only the steps of the process plus spaces for writing/typing.

Step 1 filler sheet

There's also a Step 1 Filler Sheet. It provides extra space for writing during Step 1 of the BNL process—Self-Examination. You'll use it as needed during that step. (Note: The Filler Sheet is used only when doing the process in writing. It isn't needed when doing it electronically, due to scrolling capability in all worksheets.)


Finally, there's a Sourcebook of reference material to assist you in the program. It's accessible on the Sourcebook page of this site. You'll be directed to different parts of the sourcebook as you go through the worksheets.

Word-search capability

The worksheets, sourcebook materials, and any other documents (pdf's) that you open on this site have word-search capability. This means that you can search for a word or phrase electronically within any document. Click on this link for instructions.

Proceed to the Worksheets page.