As mentioned earlier, the steps of the Begin a New Life process are formatted into a set of worksheets. The worksheets allow you to go through the BNL process in writing or on a computer or other electronic device. They also help you experience the process fully, deeply, intimately, and powerfully between you and a higher power, you and the Divine, you and God, you and the Lord.

First-time users

If you're a first-time user, click on the Full Version of the worksheets, below. Print it out and go through it in writing, or else go through it interactively on your screen. Afterward, you can save your work for later use.*

*Note: If you wish to use the worksheets interactively, we recommend the following procedure: First, click on the Full Version of the worksheets. After it has opened on your screen, save it onto your computer or electronic device. Next, “X” out of the worksheets on your screen, and open the set of worksheets that you just saved. Go through it interactively on your screen, typing in information as you go. When you're finished, re-save your work for later use.

(The reason we recommend this procedure is that, depending on the browser you’re using, if you open a set of worksheets, type information into it, then save it onto your computer/device, the worksheets themselves will be saved, but the information you've entered may not. If you begin by saving a set of worksheets, and then you use that set interactively, when you get to the point of re-saving it, the information you've entered will also be saved. Try it either way and see what works.)

If you or your computer/device encounter difficulty doing any of these things, click on the helpful tips link below. It can help.

Guided through the process

The Full version of the worksheets guides you through the BNL process. It does so via footnotes, brief paragraphs of information, and leading questions. Read each footnote when you come to it, then move on. When you come to a paragraph of information plus a leading question, do the spiritual work they ask for. After you’ve completed the process, take what you’ve gained and put it into practice. Enjoy the results.

Printing out worksheets

Whichever way you decide to use the BNL worksheets—in writing or on your screen—there may be times when you wish to print out either a blank set of sheets, or a set that you’ve been using electronically. For these occasions we recommend the helpful tips link below. Click on the link and go to the section titled, How to Print Out BNL Worksheets in Full Size (page 3 of that article).

Good wishes in this spiritual practice.

View printable, interactive worksheets:
Helpful tips: View them in printable form.
  • How to Print Out BNL Worksheets in Full Size
  • How to Test Your Computer/Device's Ability to Use Them
  • How to Make Your Computer/Device Fully Compatible with Them
  • How to Interact with Sourcebook Materials Together with Them


The Step 4.4 worksheet invites you to take part in a unique, symbolic ritual of life change in communion with God. That ritual involves, among other things, eating unleavened bread. Click on the following link for a simple recipe.