Six-Week Program for Small Groups

In addition to the Begin a New Life Seminar-Workshop, there's a six-week program that has been developed for small groups. It helps you put the BNL process to work in your life over a period of time. The six-week program is designed as a follow-up to a seminar-workshop, helping you fully assimilate the seminar information and crystallize your experience of it. It can also be used as a stand-alone option for small groups.

The six-week program breaks the BNL process into bite-size pieces. It invites you to go through the pieces one at a time. Each group meets once a week. Group members share their experience of that week’s piece of the process. They also give mutual support along the way.

An outline has been created for each of the six meetings. Each outline includes a meeting format plus questions for sharing. These outlines make it easy for any group member to lead.

View information and outlines for a six-week program in printable form:

General Description of Meetings
Week 1:  Examine Yourself
Week 2:  Recognize and Acknowledge Your "Sin"
Week 3:  Pray to the Lord
Week 4:  Begin a New Life
Week 5:  An Easier Kind of Change
Week 6:  Wrap Up, Communion with God, & Closure